lockAuto Install Instructions

  • Click the download button to start the CLI installation on your Win64 machine.

    You will get a warning that this installer is not signed with a digital signature. This is expected. If you prefer, you may follow the manual install instructions instead.

lockManual Install Instructions

  • 1. Download https://install.airshipcms.io/2.3.1/airship.exe.

    Download airship.exedownload
  • 2. Download https://install.airshipcms.io/Win64/2.3.1/airship-server.exe.

    Download airship-server.exedownload
  • 3. Create a new folder C:\AirshipLauncher.

    Create a new folder.
  • 4. Move airship.exe and airship-server.exe into the C:\AirshipLauncher\ folder.

    Move airship.exe and airship-server.exe.
  • 5. Open up Environment Variable System Settings.

    • Click in the Search bar.
    • Start typing "edit the system environment variables".
    • When the window pops up, click on the Environment Variables button.
    Move airship.exe and airship-server.exe.
  • 6. Edit the Airship Launcher Environment Variable.

    • Click the line that starts with Path to highlight it, then click the Edit... button.
    • Click the New button.
    • Type: C:\AirshipLauncher\
    • Click OK.
    • Close all the Settings windows.
    Edit the Airship Launcher Environment Variable
  • 7. Open a CLI (either CMD.exe or PowerShell.exe) to test.

  • 8. In the CLI, run airship version and airship help.

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