7. Build the Layout for Your Site

A layout is a reusable template that is used to wrap other templates. Typically, it defines header and footer content on the page, leaving a space in the middle for your page template to render. To edit the layout for your site:

Edit the application.html layout.

In your code editor, open the layout.html layout located in /compartments/layouts.

Custom body class

Remove class="{{#block 'color_theme'}}teal-theme{{/block}}"

Custom body class removed

Also update root.html to remove unused code.

In your code editor, navigate to the root.html template.

Color Theme Content Block

Remove the entire {{#content_for 'color_theme'}}...{{/content_for}} block of code at the bottom of the page.

Color Theme Content Block removed

Save your files.

You won't see any changes in the browser since we just removed unused code.

To learn more about Content Blocks and variable scopes, see the Airship Docs.

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