5. Build the template for your homepage

A page template controls how your page looks. Modified templates will only show changes in your local development environment until your deploy your site. To edit the template for your homepage:

Make changes to the homepage template.

In your code editor, open the root.html template located in /compartments/templates.

Homepage Template

Make changes to the template code:

  • Move {{site_properties.name}}into the <h1>
  • Move {{fields.header}} inside the <h2>
  • Delete the <h3> containing subdomain: <b>{{site.subdomain}}</b>
  • Delete the <p> containing the text Is this your first site? Get Started

Homepage Template after markup changes

Save the file.

See the content update only locally.

Refresh your live site url in one tab and your local site url in another tab.

Local Site: http://localhost:9001

Homepage in browser after markup changes

Live Site: https://[your subdomain].airshipcms.io (same as before)

Homepage in browser

You will see that only the local instance of your site has changed. This is because in your local site, the page is rendered based on local files & published content, whereas the published site renders published files & published content.

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