4. Edit content in Airship CMS Admin

Content that is changed in the Airship CMS Admin portal will update on both your live site and in your locally rendered development environment. To edit the content on the homepage:

Edit the Homepage content.

Go to the Airship CMS admin panel for your site, and click on "Pages" in the sidebar.

Pages in Airship CMS

Click the pencil icon Pencil Icon for the "Homepage" of your site. It should look like this:

Page Edit

Edit the Header and Notes content.

Page Edited

Save the page.

See the content update locally & live.

Refresh your live site url in one tab and your local site url in another tab. You will see the content update in both instances of the site.

Local Site: http://localhost:9001

Local Content in Browser

Live Site: https://[your subdomain].airshipcms.io

Local Content in Browser

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