Welcome to Airship CMS!

This 10-minute Step-by-Step Guide walks you through the developer environment & deployment workflow for a very simple project. Airship is capable of building simple and very complex projects. Explore the rest of the docs to see how you can integrate your favorite frontend dev stack and custom build processes.

This guide will walk you through the very basics of how to:

  1. Provision a site in the Developer Dashboard
  2. Set up Airship CLI in your terminal
  3. Set up your dev environment to airship land and airship serve your project
  4. Edit content in Airship CMS Admin
  5. Build the template for your homepage in your local dev environment
  6. Modify content fields in Airship CMS Admin and render the modified fields in your local dev environment
  7. Build the layout for your site in your local dev environment
  8. airship launch to deploy your project

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