In order to build an Airship project, you will need to be comfortable with using a terminal as part of your regular development workflow. If you come from a programming background, you probably have a set of tools and a particular development workflow already set up. If you are a web designer or brand new developer trying out a new workflow you will only need to learn a few commands to be able to login, land, and launch your Airship project.

Tools for Mac

For those using a Mac, you can use the built-in Terminal utility to perform all command-line functions. Alternatively, iTerm2 is a popular CLI tool that can be used. iTerm2 has some extra shortcuts and features for developers.

Tools for Linux

For those using Linux, you can use the built-in Terminal utility.

Quick Install

Easily install the Airship command line tools by entering this into your terminal on Mac or Linux:

/bin/sh -c "$(curl -fsS"

In iTerm2 on a Mac, it will look like this:

CMS Login

After completing the installation, you should see the following success message:

Airship Launcher X.X.X has been successfully installed
Take to the skies! by using the `airship` command

In iTerm2 on a Mac, it will look like this:

CMS Login

Manual Install

Developers that want to see exactly what tools are being installed can read and follow the instructions at

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