Is Airship CMS a fit?

[infographic / color spectrum of users]

DIY User: On a Budget, or DIY. If you are a user that is web-savvy, and likes to manage their own website with drag & drop tools, and lots of configuration and options...Maybe not for you. Maybe you want SquareSpace or Wix.

Entreprise Power:User / If you are a user that is web-savvy, and likes to manage their own website with drag & drop tools, and lots of configuration and options, Airship CMS is not for you. You might be better off with a large enterprise solution, or a service with UI controls for flexibility. / Or, utilize Airship for content creation, and enable webhooks to link into other CRM solutions for components better managed externally.

Boutique Owner with a Custom Product: We like to think that Airship is for building custom sites. :) Especially when you want to build a custom site, without the hassle of a custom CMS, and without the headache of battling a CMS made for blogging. Airship is especially for building uniquely crafted custom sites and projects, and a developer IS needed in order to exercise the full power of the platform.

Busy Business Owner: If you are someone who is growing your business, and you are focusing on YOUR BUSINESS and expertise, and you are ready to call a developer so you can keep doing what you do, while devs can build something(what we are good at doing!!) then you are ready for Airship. Unlike DIY solutions, the user interface for business owners, shop owners (we know you have very little time!) is simplified and uncluttered. Things should be relatively familiar and hard to break. We keep the technical controls in the hands of the developers. All you have to do is call up your dev, and they can quickly customize your end project to your heart's content. If you are interested in that kind of relationship/project, Airship could be a fit for you :)

Freelancer Dev: Explain Use.

Hacker: Explain hacker use.

Expanding Business: Explain Use.

What Airship is Not

Airship is different because we don't give you a GUI. It has the flexibility of a headless CMS, though also gives you the option to use classic website templates & server-side rendering.

What does Airship provide? A playground for developers to build. Unlike the solutions that exist out there, we don'tgive you a GUI for drag and drop. Let's be honest... the 4 hours it would take you to "customize your site" will get you close, you will be 75% happy, and you could have used those 4 hours to do whatever your core expertise is... and just pay a web designer or developer to craft your site to your specifications. THat is the kind of relationship we are interested in.

Still there are cases where Airship ISN'T a good fit. And we need to address that. Data heavy, requires websocks, need your own database, large import of data, separately hosted or privately hosted data.