Web Development Workflow

Develop Locally with CLI Tools  airship serve to render live data as you build layouts and templates in your local environment. airship launch to instantly publish your latest code.

Source Code Management  Airship integrates well with Git or any SCM to allow for quick project setup, file-sharing, development, testing, and release.

Flexible Frontend  Use gulp, SCSS, Angular, React, or build a site with just HTML and CSS. As long as your output compiles into our compartments directory, you can use almost any workflow.

Related Items  Architect complex relationships between collections to relate an item in one collection to one or more items in another collection.

SPA Rendering & Airship API  For complex applications, you can access the Airship API and take advantage of client-side SPA rendering to extend layouts with robust functionality.

Export Data with Webhooks  If you need a CMS for just part of your web application, you can use Airship just for content management and export data to your own server using Airship Skylines (webhooks).

Design & Templating

Zero Themes  Airship content initially renders without generated template markup. You finally get to create something truly unique.

You Own Your Designs  No themes also means that 100% of the content you create is yours. If you ever leave Airship, take all your designs with you.

Simple Architecture  Airship makes it easy to set up projects. You can architect a robust database without having to write server code.

Easily Convert Static Sites  Simply replace static code and assets with Airship Propellers markup to connect your website to Airship CMS.

Ultimate Layout Control  No one can break your layout. You can expose just the “safe areas” of your design to Content Editors through Airship CMS.

Scalable Structure  Airship is flexible. Novice users can start up quickly, and experienced users can design complex projects.

Simple, Fully-Hosted Content Management

Content Editor Workspace  When you log in to the Admin Portal, your workspace is clutter-free. You only have access to the tools you need for content editing.

Fully-Hosted  We make it easy to manage content and media. All your assets are hosted on our servers as part of your Airship CMS subscription.

Custom Controls  Airship comes with very few end-user settings. Based on your needs, your web developer can create custom controls for components specific to your project.

Familiar Interface  Content Editors will feel comfortable transitioning to Airship from similar content management software.

Image & Video Management  Airship utilizes Cloudinary to resize and optimize images and videos hosted on a secure content delivery network.

Users & Authentication  Authentication is handled by Auth0. Users can sign in with a social media account, or create a username and password.

Data Types & Lists  Airship allows you to store links, text, or media in lists so that content editors have the ability to add one or many units of content to a page.

eCommerce  Create a Stripe account and link to Airship via Stripe Connect to enable ordering, subscriptions, and product management with Airship CMS.