Introduction to Airship CMS

Airship CMS is the Content Management component of Airship.
This is the portal where developers can set up a project schema.
For Content Creators, this is the portal where content is created and managed.
For Shop managers, this is where products and orders are managed.

Content Creation

The basic building blocks of an AirshipCMS site consist of Pages, Collections, Collection Items, Product Collections, Products, Subscription Collections, Subscriptions.

Each of these have customizable fields.
Each Page has distinct fields from other Pages.
Collections define their own structure, and all items within the Collection share the same fields.
Collection Items can be listed and paginated.
Each field can also be a relationship to another collection.

Pages and Collections can define their Layout and Template.

A Layout is the outer wrapper for a Template.
A typical use case is to have few Layouts (2 or 3) and more Templates (3 to 20).

A Template defines how to render the content for a Page or Collection Item.
Every Template may render Fields defined in the Page or Collection Item's schema. It's normal to have a template for each Page and Collection.

Uploads are any media asset that is stored in the AirshipCMS CDN. If the assets are images, they are compressed and optimized for embedding into Pages and Collection Items.

Assets are binary files that are typically stored in your SCM, and launched to AirshipCMS.

The default Fields that are automatically assigned to every Page and Collection Item are ID, Created At, Updated At, and Title. These fields are available to be used by a Layout or Template, though it's not required.


Each Page and Collection Item have a Title field. This may be used by it's Layout and/or Template, and should be used within the <title>{{title}}</title> html tags.

Each Page and Collection Item have a Permalink field. This field dictates how your users will navigate to this content. For a Page named "Contact Us", the permalink may be contact-us and the url would be For a Collection Item named "Green Sock" in a Collection named "Socks", the permalink may be green-sock and the url would be This field allows you to override the url.


Pages are used when you have a piece of content that doesn't generally fit into a collection of items, such as a "About Us" page or a "Contact Us" page.


In this example, the Page schema consists of the mandatory "Title" text field, then defines a "Description" text area, and a "Featured Event" related collection.

Page Schema


Collections are used when you have a group of similar content such as "Blog" or "Events". The Collection defines the schema for every item by modeling the Fields that each item in the collection will use. Collections can also be rendered as a "Listing Page".

In this example, the Collection schema consists of fields for rendering a list of "Events" including some image fields.

Page Schema

Collection Item

Collection Items are the "Pages" within the Collection that conform to it's schema. Each Item shares the same Fields, Layout, and Template and can have different Field and Relationship values.

Product Collections

Product Collections are used to sell items online. If you have a small cardinality of shop items, then a single collection with several Products may suffice. If you have many items, then you may organize them into several collections that have different fields. (size, color, style, etc.)


Products are the individual items in a Product Collection such as (Blue S, Blue M, Blue L).

Subscription Collections

Subscription Collections are used to offer your customers recurring value or continued support, such as "Group Membership" or "2 yr Product License". Subscriptions allow the flexibility of defining different tiers, service levels, and offerings.


Subscriptions are the individual items in a Subscriptions Collection such as (Free Tier, Basic Plan, Pro Plan, Enterprise).


Uploads are assets that you store in the AirshipCMS Content Delivery Network through the "Uploads" section. These are typically image assets used in Pages and Collection Items.

Select or drag and drop the files you want to upload.

Page Schema


Assets are binary files that are typically stored in your SCM, and launched to AirshipCMS. These are usually assets used in CSS by Layouts and Templates.