Introduction to Airship

Airship is a Web Development Platform for building websites and client-side applications. It is a flexible, fully-hosted solution with server-side rendering, an API, CMS, and eCommerce functionality.

Airship CMS

Airship CMS is the Content Management component of Airship. This is the portal where developers can set up a project schema. For Content Creators, this is the portal where content is created and managed. For Shop managers, this is where products and orders are managed.

Airship Launcher CLI

Airship Launcher is the set of command line tools that allow developers to connect to the Airship CMS server while developing projects locally. Developers can login to their Airship account, serve content from the CMS, and deploy projects from the command line with the Airship Launcher toolkit.

Airship Templating & Rendering

Airship Layouts & Templates allow developers to create classically-rendered websites, blogs, and ecommerce sites that follow a conventional architecture and layout structure.

Airship API

Airship API allows developers to extend the functionality of websites and web applications with custom frontend components and applications connected to the Airship database. Classically-rendered content can be served alongside dynamically-rendered components to provide fast-loading and robust user experiences.

From the Creators

We built Airship because we wanted a better and faster workflow for building rich, dynamic user-experiences. Airship removes need to wrestle and architect a custom, single-use backend infrastructure and web deployment process for every new project. Instead, our workflow is now simplified and our deployment process takes seconds instead of hours, so that we now have plenty of time to build richer frontend interfaces, websites, and web applications.

We have also tested our product by building out our product services on top of our own product. Some examples:

  • The Airship Developer Portal is an Angular 4 application hosted on very 'Professional' instance of an Airship site. This app allow users to sign up for a user account and manage subscriptions to our product.
  • The Airship Documentation section of this site uses a classically rendered template for the initial load of a page, then switches to a dynamically-rendered single-page application once you click on a different page in the documentation. The result is a fast initial load, and instant loading of subsequent pages without a page refresh.