Custom Fields added to a Page, Collection, or Category can be rendered with datafield propellers.

Plain Rendering

Custom field content is typically rendered with double curly braces.


HTML Rendering

For Custom Field content that contains HTML, use triple curly braces.


Rendering Lists

Some custom fields require an {{#each}} helper for rendering.

{{#each fields.variable_name}}

When rendering {{{help}}}, these fields are notated with [list] next to the field's variable name, followed by a bulleted list of accessible properties:

  • image [list]
  • link [list]
  • list of links [list]
  • list of images [list]
  • multiselect [list]

List of Images, List of Links, and Multiselect are arrays of items. The order of which these items are rendered can be controlled either in Admin, or by using the #sort_list propeller. The {{#sort_list}} propeller takes precedence over the order determined in Admin.

Related Items

While the related aerostats field is attached to a page, collection, or category as a datafield, it is rendered as a separate property rather than within the fields list.


The following are all all the datafields that can be added to pages, collections, and categories: