Collection Show Template

The show.html template renders a single item in a collection. The url for a post is a collection follows the format: /collection-public-path/view/permalink.

Location & Setup

The show.html template for a collection should be located in the appropriate subdirectory within the templates directory. For a collection named blog, the show.html template location would be:

└── templates
    └── blog
        └── show.html

See Collection Templates for more information on how to set the collection template directory for a collection.

Renderable Properties

See Collection Item Properties for the full list of properties and fields renderable on the show.html template.

Excluded Properties

Data from pages or other collections will not render on a collection, unless a relationship is created with a "related datafield." Alternatively, if you want to render content that exists outside of the collection, you can do an Airship API call and render the content with a script.