Collection Index Template

The index.html template is used to display a list of items within a collection.

The url for the index.html is the public_path of the collection (such as /blog).

Template Setup

The index.html template for a collection should be located in the appropriate subdirectory within the templates directory. For a collection named blog, the index.html template location would be:

└── templates
    └── blog
        └── index.html

See Collection Templates for more information on how to automatically generate or manually create a set of collection templates for a collection.

Renderable Properties

The following properties can be rendered on the index.html template:

Property: items

Within an {{#each items}} propeller, collection item properties and fields can be rendered as a list. See Collection Item Properties for the full list of renderable properties and fields.

Excluded Properties

  • items in the collection that are in Draft Mode will not render on the index.html template.
  • items exceeding the Collection Limit that is set in the Airship CMS Admin will not render on the index.html template.
  • related_items data attached to items will not render on the index.html template.