Airmail Public Make Email Templates

To use public make email templates, you must create a collection in Admin with public make enabled, and with fields that will hold each item of information you would like submitted.

Example Markup of a public make email template:

<h3>You have a new Contact Form Inquiry.</h3>
<p>Submitted: <strong>{{created_at}}</strong></p>
<hr /> 
<h3>Customer Details:</h3>
<p>Name: <strong>{{}}</strong>
<br>Email: <strong>{{}}</strong>
<br>Phone: <strong>{{}}</strong>
<hr /> 
<hr /> 
<p><em>Please do not reply to this automated email.</em></p>

Airmail Public Make Properties:

The following properties can be rendered from an airmail public make template:

The following field types can be rendered on an airmail public make template: