Developer-Centric CMS

Something Agnostic

We built Airship because we needed a better workflow. We were using Wordpress as a headless CMS for some projects, though the flow was disjointed. So we made something better. We use a code editor for code editing. We use a terminal for commands. All developers have their own favorite tools, stacks, and workflows. We wanted to let devs build the way they want to build, with the technologies they want to build with. ... agnostic.

Decoupled Something

[Airship CMS for superadmins.]

Schemas are created in the GUI, because they are directly tied to editable content fields. As a superadmin, you have access to controls that determind fileds and layouts. Content Creators cannot change anything "dangerous".

Simplified Syncing

[local development]

Most other work is done locally with Airship CLI and in your text editor. serve content from the database.

[use your frontend tools]

Angular whatever output to compartments.


launch. fully hosted, no maintenance needed. no updates needed. no babysitting the server.

Powerful "CMSMS"

Skyport, the app you signed up with is a "CMSMS". A content management system... management system. We build Airship to be powerful enough to be able to build a management system where you can buy instances of the content management system. :D Meta. What better way to test our own product than to build our own product using our own product...

All the Features

[list all the features here]