Introduction to Airship

Airship is a Web Development Platform for building websites and client-side applications. It is a flexible, fully-hosted solution with server-side rendering, an API, CMS, and eCommerce functionality.

Airship CMS

Airship CMS is the Content Management component of Airship. This is the portal where developers can set up a project schema. For Content Creators, this is the portal where content is created and managed. For Shop managers, this is where products and orders are managed.

Airship Launcher CLI

Airship Launcher is the set of command line tools that allow developers to connect to the Airship CMS server while developing projects locally. Developers can login to their Airship account, serve content from the CMS, and deploy projects from the command line with the Airship Launcher toolkit.

Airship Templating & Rendering

Airship Layouts & Templates allow developers to create classically-rendered websites, blogs, and ecommerce sites that follow a conventional architecture and layout structure.

Airship API

Airship API allows developers to extend the functionality of websites and web applications futher by allowing developers to create their own custom frontend solutions and connect to the Airship database. Airship API allows developers to combine classically rendered content with client-side rendered components to create fast-loading and robust user experiences.

Example: The Airship CMS Admin Portal is an entirely client-side application that interacts with the Airship API to allows you to manage pages and collections on an Airship site. If you wanted to, you could use the Airship API to create your own custom version of the Admin Portal.

Another Example: The Airship Developer Portal is another example of an entirely client-side application hosted on an Airship site. The client-side application utilizes just the Airship API to allow users to sign up and create subscriptions. If you wanted to, you could use the Airship API to create your own custom subscription service signup portal!

Ready to try out Airship? Take a look at the Quickstart Guide!